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Only the finest in baseball and softball training.


Our Mission: To provide the ultimate experience and provide the best baseball and softball equipment while inspiring young and seasons players to swing with confidence.


Royal Swings was founded in 2014 with a single goal, and that was to shake up and bring statistical analysis to the existing batting cage franchise.

You will find us unique and different from other batting cages that will benefit you and your player(s):

  • Featuring the world’s only baseball simulator, The HitTrax, to provide live statistical feedback with each hit.
  • Two indoor batting cages (60.5-foot cage and 55-foot cage)
  • Limited and hard to find equipment to ensure success on the field
  • Personal training with expert guidance to help you select the right equipment and the perfect fit.


Royal Swings was founded in 2014 by Buzz Buchan.  Buzz went from playing his entire youth, and while in the Air Force, to coaching little league and travel teams to winning competitions.  He is a lover of the game and a proud parent of two youth baseball and softball athletes.  Buzz realized that there wasn’t a retailer or batting cage in the area to provide the statistics needed to improve.  That’s when we discovered HitTrax and all the analytics it provides and BAM Royal Swings was born. Don’t let the strip mall location fool you.  The facility is over 5,000 square feet, with artificial turf, and outfitted with two lanes that include L-screens, tees, balls, and one of the best pitching machines on the market, only using real baseballs and softballs.

Royal Swings carries all major brands that include Combat Sports, EvoShield, LizardSkins, and currently the only mid-west vendor carrying Elysian Baseball Gloves.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Bulls Eye Bats that are produced by local former MLB player. The wooden bats are of high quality and 100% maple wood. Customization with Team Logo, Name, and colors is available!

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Royal Swings

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Des Plaines, IL 60018