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Come plan on the World’s First and Only Baseball Simulator at Royal Swings in North West Chicago!

Take hitting inside the cage to a whole new level with real-time statistics while displaying the hit in the major league stadium.  A truly unique experience, especially if you can hit a ball over the Green Monstah!

By accurately tracking the ball in define volume, the system measures the speed and trajectory of the incoming pitch and exiting hit.  Advanced algorithms are then applied to determine exit ball velocity, distance, and location of the hit as well as the likely outcome of the ball location.  Batting statistics, spray charts, hot zones are then displayed in real-time on the HitTrax monitor to provide instantaneous feedback to the hitter.  In-depth analysis for individual hitters, hitting clinics and entire teams ranging from little league to professional are available using the Virtual Dugout Stats.

What can HitTrax do for me as an athlete?


It will identify your strengths and weaknesses. You are able to enhance your training with HitTrax with real-time statistics and key performance metrics. By receiving immediate feedback that will allow you, your coach and parents to have more productive training sessions with quantitative results.

Here are some examples of statistics available:

  • Exit Ball Velocity (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Distance Traveled
  • Total Hits
  • Doubles
  • Triples
  • Home Runs
  • Batting Average
  • Slugging Percentage
  • Average Exit Ball Velocity
  • Number of Balls in Play
  • Number of Hard Hits
  • Percentage of Hard Hit Balls
  • Fly Ball to Ground Ball Ratio
  • Pitch Speed
  • Average Pitch Speed
  • Spray Charts
  • Hot Zones (Batting average within strike zone)
  • Hitting Tendencies
  • Plus so much more!

Video Capture and Analysis Available

With HitTrax revolutionizing the training industry, by providing never before seen metrics in training environments, so you can train like the PROs.  Instruction with high-speed video with the corresponding HitTrax data for every swing.

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