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Let us express our thankfulness for our ability to be able to help organizations and events. Also, let us thank you for your kind-heartedness in considering us as well-wishers of your program and/or event.

We acknowledge and understand the hard work that is carried out by your organization. As you know we are a small mom & pop batting cage and we both still work full-time day jobs while also running this amazing little batting cage in the best neighborhood around.

Due to the sheer volume of requests for sponsorship and donations, we are wanting to streamline all requests into one method, so please use the below form to complete and request for a donation.

Additionally, with the large number of requests every year, we have to rationalize our giving and have to stick to our annual budget each financial year. We wish we can sponsor and provide donations to everyone who comes in to request it from us. We just do not have the capacity to sponsor or donate to every single person/organization who comes to us for help.

This doesn’t mean we do not want to support you, it just means, this year, we are financially unable to do so.

Because we serve a large community in the best city in America, we try to rotate our sponsorships every year, so that we can impact and provide support to different organizations each year. So if we were not able to support you this year, please try again this year.

Click here to request a sponsorship or condition:

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