Royal Swings is now closed. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further questions.

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What We Offer


One-on-one Lessons
For 30 minutes: Contact for Pricing
For 60 minutes: Contact for Pricing

Baseline Assessment Report (BAR)

One 15-minute HitTrax session will capture the key metrics needed to measure your game. Monitor progress over time by charting multiple Bar Sessions.  You are able to identify weaknesses and structure training sessions to improve performance.

The cost of a BAR is Contact for Pricing

Glove Steaming

Breaking a new glove in is time consuming and is very important. Our Glove Pro can break in your new leather glove into game-ready condition in minutes.

Bat Rolling

Bat rolling is a process that accelerates the break-in process of composite bats. This process is executed by placing the bat into a “rolling machine”

Royal Swings

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